We Make NDIS Accessible

At White Dove Care, we take pride in being a reliable NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provider. Our focus revolves around providing unwavering support and services to individuals with disabilities, always keeping their unique needs at the forefront.

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About Our Work.

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Assistance with Personal Activities

At White Dove Care, we offer comprehensive assistance with personal activities that is tailored to each individual’s specific needs and preferences, promoting their autonomy and well-being.

Assistance with Travel and Transport

Our team at White Dove Care is committed to providing reliable assistance with travel and transport, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can access necessary destinations with convenience and confidence.

Home Modification

At White Dove Care, we specialize in creating safe and accessible living environments through thoughtful and effective home modifications, empowering individuals with disabilities to navigate their spaces independently and comfortably.

Assistance with Daily Tasks in a Shared Living Environment

In our shared living environments at White Dove Care, we offer dedicated assistance with daily tasks, fostering a supportive and inclusive community where individuals with disabilities can thrive and collaborate in their day-to-day activities.

Assistance with Life Skills Development

Empowering growth and independence, White Dove Care provides personalized assistance in life skills development, enabling individuals to acquire and enhance essential abilities for a more self-reliant and fulfilling life.

Assistance with Household Tasks

At White Dove Care, we lend a helping hand with household tasks, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can maintain a comfortable and organized living space while focusing on their overall well-being.

Community Participation

White Dove Care actively promotes community participation by offering opportunities, support, and resources for individuals with disabilities to engage, contribute, and connect within their local communities, fostering a sense of belonging and social enrichment.

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How It Works.

Our streamlined 3-step process at White Dove Care begins with a personalized assessment to understand unique needs. Next, we develop a tailored care plan, followed by dedicated implementation and ongoing support to ensure individuals with disabilities receive the highest quality of care and assistance.


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About White Dove Care.

Welcome to White Dove Care, an esteemed NDIS provider dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Our story began with a deep-rooted passion for promoting inclusivity, empowerment, and personal growth. Driven by this vision, our comprehensive 3-step process ensures a holistic approach to care. We start by conducting a thorough assessment, listening closely to each individual's unique needs and aspirations. This forms the foundation for our second step, where we craft personalized care plans that align with their goals, preferences, and circumstances. However, our commitment doesn't stop there. With an emphasis on implementation, our experienced team collaborates with participants to provide practical assistance, guidance, and ongoing support. From daily tasks to life skills development, community participation, and beyond, we're dedicated to nurturing self-confidence and independence in every step of the journey. At White Dove Care, we believe in more than just providing services – we're building a community where individuals with disabilities can thrive. With empathy, professionalism, and a deep sense of responsibility, we are honored to be a trusted partner in enhancing lives and fostering brighter futures.

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